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Flexographic Inks

Water based flexo inks

Darimex operates 2 manufacturing stations for the production of water-based flexographic inks designed for surface and lamination applications. 

Our inks are pH-stable and with consistent viscosity. We offer the complete set of colours under Pantone or HKS, as well as colours per customer samples. 

Paint Abstract Green

General characteristics:

  • Excellent adhesion to substrate

  • Good abrasion and scratch resistance

  • High colour intensity

  • Excellent press stability

  • Good coverage in full-tone applications

  • Good performance in fine raster printing

  • High water and grease resistance for tissue printing

  • Matt / Gloss effects

HydroBOX water based inks

  • Corrugated board packages

  • Kraftliner and testliner

  • Paperboard boxes

  • Recycled paper

Флексо мастила за велпапе

HydroPRESS water based inks

  • Bakery bags

  • Paper bags

  • MG paper

  • Envelopes

  • Cash rolls

  • Flower wrapping paper

Флексо мастила за торбички

HydroSOFT water based inks

  • Tissues

  • Kitchen rolls

  • Toilet paper

  • Paper towels

Флексо мастила за салфетки

HydroCUP water based inks

  • Paper cups for coffee and tea

  • Paper cups for cold drinks

  • Paperboard plates

  • Take away boxes

Флексо мастила за картонени чаши

HydroLUX water based inks

  • Labels

  • High-quality packages

  • Gift paper and glossy papers

  • High detail prints

Флексо мастила за етикети


  • Varnishes

  • Retarders and accelerators

  • Antifoam agents

  • Cleaning solutions

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