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Inner frames

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Inner frames

The strength and stability of the cigarette pack are key elements of a successful tobacco brand. Understanding this, we use high-quality paperboard in our production, so that outstanding performance and high mechanical properties of the final product are always guaranteed.



200 - 270 gsm

300 - 360 μm

≥ 20 mm

70/76/120/150 mm

  • Material: 

  • Substance:

  • Thickness:

  • Width:

  • Core d:

White inner frames paperboard
  • High-grade FBB or SBS paperboard

  • Excellent optical properties

  • No finishing required

  • Optional visual effects include:
    Hi-gloss / Gloss / Satin / Matt / Pearl effects

White inner frames

Printed inner frames paperboard
  • Flexo and gravure printing

  • Solid color or design print

  • Silver, gold and all metal shades

  • Overprint varnishes for improved rub and scratch resistance

  • Only water based inks and varnishes approved for cigarette applications

Printed inner frames

Metalized inner frames paperboard
  • Top layer made of pure aluminum

  • Silver, Gold or any other metal shade

  • Rotogravure printing with special reduced-friction varnishes.

Metalized inner frames

Inner frames with repeat step
  • ​High-quality rotogravure printing

  • Repeat step with precise registration

  • Full support with prepress design and selection of tools

​Inner frames with repeat step

Hologram inner frames paperboard
  • Wide selection of holographic effects

  • Very thin seam line

Hologram inner frames

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