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Offset inks

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Процесни мастила за листов офсет
  • Duct-fresh inks

  • High pigmentation

  • Very good gloss and rub resistance

  • Very quick reaching of ink/water balance

  • Tack and viscosity stable also at high speeds

Process inks

Бъркани мастила за листов офсет
  • ​Modern laboratory with precise control equipment

  • Accurate spectral analysis of the colors

  • Pantone, HKS or customer samples

  • Color calibration to different substrates

  • High-concentration pigments

  • Production within less than 24 hours

Mixed inks for offset

Бронзови мастила за листов офсет
  • Gold

  • Silver gloss

  • Silver

  • Pantone metallics

​Metallic inks for offset

Фолийни мастила за листов офсет
  • Process foil inks

  • Pantone, HKS or customer sample foil inks

  • Excellent drying properties on non-absorbing substrates

Foil inks

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